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Domini Social Equity Fund Makes Wall Street Journal Mutual Fund Survey Third Consecutive Year

The Domini Social Equity Fund was one of 32 large-company stock funds to make the Wall Street Journal’s "Getting Going" column’s Fifth Annual Mutual-Fund Survey, "a short list of funds that might appeal to folks who invest without a broker’s help." This is the third year in a row that the Domini Social Equity Fund was included on the list.

The list of 62 funds in four categories was culled from a field of 7,000 stock-mutual funds by eliminating the following: funds charging a sales commission, funds with investment minimums greater than $5,000 or with annual expenses greater than 1.4%, funds that stick to a single industry sector or single foreign region, global funds that buy both U.S. and foreign stocks, funds that combine bonds and stocks, funds with average management tenure of less than five years and any funds that failed to outperform 60% of comparable funds over the past three and five years.1


1 Wall Street Journal, 5/2/00, Jonathan Clements, "Getting Going: Cutting Through Mutual-Fund Clutter." The previous year’s list, published on May 11,1999, was produced using the same factors. In 1999, the Domini Social Equity Fund was listed among 33 large-company stock funds out of a total 65 funds on the list. The list was produced by running a series of computer screens through the Morningstar Principia Plus computer program. The funds on the list do not carry the "Getting Going" column’s seal of approval and appearance on the list does not imply future performance. The list was published to provide a starting point for further research. The four categories in the list were Large-Company Stock Funds, Midsize-Company Funds, Small-Company Stock Funds and Foreign-Stock Funds.