Available Share Classes


Share Class

Investment Minimum


Net*/Gross Exp. Ratio


Net*/Gross Exp. Ratio 


Net*/Gross Exp. Ratio

Investor (no-load)








Class A (front-end load)**







Class R (retirement)




n/a n/a










*Per current prospectus. Domini has contractually agreed to waive certain fees and/or reimburse certain expenses, including management fees, so that expenses paid by each Fund will not exceed, on a per annum basis, the percentage of average daily net assets representing each share class until 11/30/18, subject to earlier modification by the Funds’ Board of Trustees, as follows:  

Domini Impact Equity Fund: 1.12% (Class A) and 0.74% (Institutional); Domini Impact International Equity Fund: 1.51% (Class A); Domini Impact Bond Fund: 0.87% (Investor), 0.57% (Institutional).

**Class A shares are subject to a front-end sales charge of up to 4.75%. Although Investor shares are no-load, certain fees and expenses apply to a continued investment and are described in the prospectus.

Sales Charges & Breakpoints

  Front-End Sales Charge*

Amount of Purchase

Percentage of Offering Price Percentage of Net Amount Invested

Less than $50,000



$50,000 but less than $100,000




$100,000 but less than $250,000



$250,000 but less than $500,000



$500,000 but less than $1 million 1.00% 1.01%
$1 million and over** None None

* Shares may be available to retirement plans without an initial sales charge where such plan’s record keeper offers only load-waived shares and the shares are held on the books for the Fund through an omnibus account. Initial sales charges may be waived upon direct rollovers by plan participants of distributions from certain 401(k) plans. Subsequent investments may, however, be subject to the applicable sales charge.

** Investors pay no initial sales charge when they invest $1 million or more in the Fund’s shares. However, shareholders may be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge of up to 1.00% of the lesser of the cost of the shares at the date of purchase or the value of the shares at the time of redemption if they redeem them within one year of purchase. The Fund’s distributor may pay up to 1.00% to a Service Organization for purchase amounts of $1 million or more. In such cases, starting in the 13th month after purchase, the Service Organization will also receive the annual distribution fee of up to 0.25% of the average daily net assets of the Fund held by its clients. Prior to the 13th month, the Fund’s distributor will retain the service fee. Where the Service Organization does not receive the payment of up to 1.00% from the Fund’s distributor, the Service Organization will instead receive the annual service fee starting immediately after purchase. In certain cases, the Service Organization may receive both a payment of up to 1.00% from the distributor as well as the annual distribution and service fee starting immediately after purchase. 

Reducing Sales Charges

Reducing Sales Charges

There are several ways to combine multiple purchases of Fund shares to take advantage of the breakpoints in the sales charge schedule:

Right of Accumulation

The right of accumulation allows an investor to add the value of any Fund shares they already own and for which a sales charge was paid to the amount of the next purchase for purposes of calculating the initial sales charge.

Letter of Intent

A letter of intent allows an investor to purchase Fund shares over a 13-month period and receive the same sales charge as if all shares had been purchased at once. A letter of intent can then be used to qualify for reduced sales charges if the investor plans to invest at least $50,000 in the Fund’s shares during the next 13 months. The calculation of this amount would include the investor’s current holdings of all Fund shares, as well as any reinvestment of dividends and capital gains distributions. When the investor signs this letter, the Fund agrees to charge the reduced sales charges listed above. Completing a letter of intent does not obligate anyone to purchase additional shares. However, if the investor does not achieve the stated investment goal within the 13-month period, the investor is required to pay the difference between sales charges otherwise applicable and sales charges actually paid, which may be deducted from her investment.

Group Investment Program

Family groups may be treated as a single purchaser under the right of accumulation privilege. Each investor has an individual account, but the group’s investments are lumped together for sales charge purposes, making the investors potentially eligible for reduced sales charges. A family group includes a spouse, parent, stepparent, grandparent, child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including trusts created by these family members.

To take advantage of any reduction in sales charges, the investor must inform her Service Organization. To obtain sales charge reductions, the investor may be required to provide information and records, such as account statements, to her Service Organization. Investors are requested to retain all account statements, since the records required to take advantage of a reduction in sales charges may not be maintained by the Fund, its transfer agent, or the Service Organization.

Waivers of Deferred Sales Charges

Waivers of Deferred Sales Charges

The deferred sales charge on investments in excess of $1 million that are sold within one year of the last day of the month of purchase will be waived in the case of:

  • Sales of shares held at the time the investor dies or becomes disabled (within the definition in Section 72(m)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code, which relates to the ability to engage in gainful employment), if the shares are: (1) registered either in the investor’s name (not a trust) or in the names of the investor and spouse as joint tenants with rights of survivorship; or (2) held in qualified corporate or self-employed retirement plan, IRA, or 403(b) Custodial Account, provided, in any case, that the sale is requested within one year of death or initial determination of disability.
  • Sales in connection with the following retirement plan “distributions”: (1) lump-sum or other distributions from a qualified corporate or self-employed retirement plan following retirement (or, in the case of a “key employee” of a “top heavy” plan, following attainment of age 59½); (2) distributions from an IRA or 403(b) Custodial Account following attainment of age 59½; or (3) a tax-free return of an excess IRA contribution (a “distribution” does not include a direct transfer of IRA, 403(b) Custodial Account, or retirement plan assets to a successor custodian or trustee). The charge also may be waived upon the tax-free rollover or transfer of assets to another retirement plan invested in the Fund. In such event, as described below, the Fund will “tack” the period for which the original shares were held on to the holding period of the shares acquired in the transfer or rollover for purposes of determining what, if any, deferred sales charge is applicable in the event that such acquired shares are redeemed following the transfer or rollover. The charge also may be waived on any redemption that results from the return of an excess contribution pursuant to Section 408(d)(4) or (5) of the Code or the return of excess deferral amounts pursuant to Code Section 401(k)(8) or 402(g)(2). In addition, the charge may be waived on any minimum distribution required to be distributed in accordance with Code Section 401(a)(9).
  • Sales of shares in connection with the Systematic Withdrawal Plan are subject to certain conditions described in the prospectus.

All waivers will be granted only following the Fund’s distributor receiving confirmation of the investor’s entitlement. If an investor believes they are eligible for a deferred sales charge waiver, they are instructed to contact their Service Organization. In order to obtain a waiver, an investor may be required to provide information and records, such as account statements, to the Service Organization. Investors are encouraged to retain all account statements, since the records required for a deferred sales charge waiver may not be maintained by the Fund, its transfer agent, or the Service Organization.

Please note that investors do not pay a deferred sales charge on:

  • Shares representing reinvested distributions and dividends
  • Shares held longer than one year from the last day of the month of purchase

Each time an investor has a request to redeem shares, the Fund will first redeem any shares in the account that have been held the longest. The Fund's distributor receives deferred sales charges as partial compensation for its expenses in selling shares, including the payment of compensation to the Service Organization.

Reinstatement Privilege

Reinstatement Privilege

If an investor sells shares of the Fund, they may reinvest some or all of the proceeds in the Fund within 120 days without a sales charge, as long as the Fund’s distributor or the investor’s Service Organization is notified before reinvestment. If the investor paid a deferred sales charge when they sold shares and reinvests in the Fund within 120 days of such sale, the amount of the deferred sales charge paid will be deducted from the amount of sales charge due on the purchase of Fund shares, if the investor notifies her Service Organization. All accounts involved must have the same registration.