What is ESG investing?

Short answer? It’s a belief in a better world.

ESG investing. Impact investing. Ethical investing. Socially responsible investing. What’s the difference between these terms, which are often used interchangeably by investors who want to create positive change?

Our recent ESG survey (conducted in partnership with Kiplinger’s Personal Finance ), proved that even many established investors can’t define “ESG investing.” In fact, only 49 percent of investors surveyed were familiar with the term, even though 71 percent understood “socially responsible investing.”

But our founder and responsible investing pioneer, Amy Domini, has this to say about it all:

“I refuse to try to suss out supposed differences between the various vocabulary words. To me they’re all identical.”

“Here’s what I believe,” Amy continued. “I believe we all want ecological sustainability. We want the planet to exist. We all want universal human dignity. We want life to be worth living. Those are common goals. Now do we believe that investors, which control such massive resources globally, have a role to play in providing this future of a surviving planet that’s worth living on. If you answer yes to that question, then come with me. That’s my field. That’s what we’re talking about here.”

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