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Women led, impact leading.

Domini Impact Investments LLC is a women-led SEC registered investment adviser that harnesses the power of finance to help create a better world. With an exclusive focus on impact investing, we aim to help drive positive outcomes for our planet and its people while seeking competitive financial returns. Our continuous innovation and caring, diverse community fuel tomorrow’s prosperity as we endeavor to make “investing for good” the way all investing is done.

Our mission.

To harness the power of finance to help build a better world.

Our vision.

We will help empower investors to better preserve the planet, inspire companies, grow multi-cultural communities, and create a world where shared prosperity is a way of life.

A bird shaped cut out showing a beach adn two starfish.

Our story.

It all started with:

Thousands of starfish that washed ashore.

A little girl began throwing them in the water so they wouldn’t die. “Don’t bother, dear,” her mother said, “it won’t make a difference.”

The girl stopped for a moment and looked at the starfish in her hand. “It will make a difference to this one.”

And so we say,

The secret to making an impact is small.

It’s one individual, believing.

It’s one community, sharing.

It’s one organization, listening.

It’s one founder, creating.

It’s one fund, caring.

It’s thousands of investors coming together with a care that’s mutual in a fund that is too, recognizing that the power of small is the greatness of all.

Heart shaped crowd of people.

Our values.

At Domini, we CARE. We’re committed, all-encompassing, responsible, and empowering.


Guided by our mission, we do everything with a deep sense of pride, passion, and purpose.


Our view is holistic; our vision is far-reaching.


We are conscientious, ethical, and fair. We respect differences and embrace diversity.


We enable and inspire investors, employees, peers, partners, and communities.