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Shareholder Proposals

Shareholders of corporations have certain rights and opportunities to engage with a firm on strategic management and business impacts, including by participating in annual general meetings (AGM). A company’s management presents issues to be voted on in the proxy statement, and shareholders in certain markets have the right to submit proposals for inclusion on the ballot.

We have filed over 300 proposals as part of our active engagement strategy as a tactical tool to make progress on an underlying issue, for example if we reach an impasse or to elevate an issue before corporate management and the board. Companies will often engage with us and we are open to reaching an agreement, which results in a withdrawal of our proposal. If we cannot reach agreement, an eligible proposal is printed in the corporate proxy statement for a vote by all company shareholders.

In the United States, companies may sometimes choose to appeal to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to have proposals omitted from the ballot, arguing they fall within the grounds for exclusion. After SEC review, these may either be omitted, moved forward to a vote, or may otherwise be withdrawn if we reach an agreement.

We frequently collaborate with other investment firms, public pension funds and foundations. Below, we list under “lead filer” the filings in which we played the main role. Under “co-filer,” we list proposals where Domini played a supporting role.

For information on proposals filed in previous years, please contact us at  

Shareholder Proposals listed by year of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome (as of 07/05/2023)
BorgWarnerJust Transition Strategy for workers and communities 32% Vote
ChubbArctic Refuge, Indigenous, and Biodiversity assessment in underwriting17% Vote
Dollar GeneralIndependent Audit on worker health and safety68% Vote
Huntington Bancshares End lending and underwriting for coalWithdrawn for commitment from company
Kroger Pilot the Fair Food ProgramOmitted
Tesla Adopt a policy on Freedom of AssociationOmitted
The Hartford Financial Services Group Arctic Refuge, Indigenous, and Biodiversity assessment in underwriting Withdrawn for commitment from company
Wabtec Just Transition Strategy for workers and communities Withdrawn for commitment from company
Lead Filer
Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome
Bank of AmericaTransition out of Fossil Fuel Financing 8% Vote
Deere & Co. Publish a Climate Transition PlanWithdrawn for commitment from company 


Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome
Amazon.comWorker health and safety auditOmitted
Kraft HeinzClimate transition planWithdrawn for commitment from company
KrogerHuman rights in farmworker supply chain20% vote
NikeUyghur human rights (sourcing in China)6% vote
Lead Filer
Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome
Bank of AmericaEnding financing on fossil fuels11% vote
ModernaVaccine access (technology transfer)24% vote
TeslaFreedom of association policy32% vote


Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome
Beyond MeatPublish a sustainability reportWithdrawn
ChipotleBoard oversight of workforce equityWithdrawn
DisneyBoard oversight of workforce equityWithdrawn
Kohl’sFeasibility study on providing paid leaveOmitted
NikeHuman rights in the cotton supply chain27% vote
Walgreens Boots AllianceBonus DeferralWithdrawn
Lead Filer
Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome
Bank of AmericaPolicy on financing oil and gas in ArcticWithdrawn
Regeneron PharmaceuticalsCOVID Treatment Access and PricingWithdrawn


Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome
Alexion PharmaceuticalsPublish a sustainability reportWithdrawn
NucorLobbying report (tied to climate change denial)Withdrawn
TeslaPublish a DEI reportWithdrawn for commitment
Lead Filer
Organization NameIssueResult / Vote Outcome
Walgreens Boots AllianceBonus deferralWithdrawn
Gilead SciencesBonus deferralWithdrawn
VertexReport on incentive compensation risksWithdrawn
Establish board committee on human rights risk oversight
16% vote

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