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The Domini Forest Project

As impact leaders, we have a long-term initiative to protect and preserve forests. Our Forest Project is committed to understanding the drivers of forest destruction, its impact on our investment decisions, and how we can encourage ourselves, corporations, and governments to become forest value creators.

Forests as a System

The Forest Project is the cornerstone of Domini’s system-level approach to investing, which emphasizes the interconnections between environmental, social, and financial systems. That’s why our approach covers more than forests. It encompasses sustainable agriculture, land conversation, and Indigenous rights too.

Respecting Forests and Nature

Forests are an essential part of a larger, interconnected system. They safeguard biodiversity and protect our climate. They help sustain Indigenous communities around the world and provide valuable economic resources. Yet, society and businesses continue to destroy or convert forests at an alarming rate, creating substantial systemic threats. These threats are interconnected, but at Domini we know that the solutions are interconnected as well.

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The Roots of Forest Value

In 2018, Domini launched a “system-level” approach to investing that centers on forests. We selected forests because they are, in many ways, relatively specific and definable. And while forests are systemically important, investors were paying less attention to them than what is warranted—especially given their critical relationship to climate change.

These documents help shape and guide this multi-year project.

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Recent News

  • Forest Highlight: Paper, Made Sustainably
    Looking forward, International Paper has aligned itself with broader global sustainability goals. Its 2030 targets include sourcing 100% of fiber from sustainably managed forests or recovered fiber sources.
  • Forest Highlight: Leading on Forest Stewardship
    Svenska Cellulosa, a Swedish company, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of certified forest products. It ensures everything it sells—from pulp to paper—is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • A Look Into Our Toolbox:
    Forest Stewardship Council Certification
    In our latest Impact Update, we took a close look at one of our most valuable tools for corporate sustainability research related to respecting and protecting forests: the Forest Stewardship Council’s certifications.

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