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Inspiring a greater
and greener world.

Our standards care as much about people and planet as you do.

Two goals. One set of standards.

At Domini, universal human dignity and ecological sustainability are our goals. Standards are the path we take to achieve them. Our environmental and social standards help us identify strong, long-term investments. Our research team applies these standards uniformly across our Funds, which sets us apart from other ESG fund firms.

Through all our investments, we seek to promote:

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Universal human dignity

We seek investments that promote universal values of fairness, equality, justice, and respect for human rights. They work to ensure every human has the ability to thrive.

Ecological sustainability

We seek investments that promote long-term environmental sustainability. They inspire a greener planet and more sustainable future.

Our Exclusionary Standards

What don’t we invest in?

Our exclusionary standards ensure any money invested in a Domini Fund does not substantially support business lines that are involved in activities that are fundamentally misaligned with our goals of supporting a better future for the planet and its people. These industries include:

Weapons and Firearms
Weapons and Firearms
Nuclear Power Screen
Nuclear Power
Oil and Fossil Fuel Screen
Fossil Fuels
Prisons and Immigration Detention Centers
For-Profit Prisons & Immigration and Detention Centers
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gambling
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gambling

Read more about how we evaluate companies, incorporate the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build SDG-aligned portfolios, create exclusionary standards, and ultimately, support the strength and resiliency of our social, environmental, and financial systems.