Domini Impact Equity FundSM

While pursuing their financial objectives, impact investors seek to use their investments to create a more fair and sustainable world. The Domini Impact Equity FundSM is a diversified stock portfolio seeking long-term total return consistent with the promotion of universal human dignity and ecological sustainability.

Net Assets as of 06/30/23

Fund: $946.4 million
Investor shares:  $798.6 million

Daily Price (NAV)


Daily NAV Change

NAV as of 09/21/2023


Domini Impact Investments LLC


SSGA Funds Management, Inc.

Inception Date




Portfolio Managers

Photo of Amy Domini, Founder Domini Impact Investments
Carole Liable

Annual Expense Ratio1
Gross/Net: 1.05%/1.05%
Per current prospectus

Front-End Sales Charge (Load)

Minimum Initial Investment
$2,500 for standard accounts
$1,500 for retirement accounts, custodial and educational accounts, and standard accounts opened with an automatic investment plan

Investment Strategy

The Fund combines two investment management strategies: “Core” and “Thematic Solutions.” 

Core invests in a diversified selection of mid- to large-capitalization U.S. companies that demonstrate peer-relative environmental and social leadership, as determined by Domini’s in-depth research and analysis of each company’s environmental and social impact. 

Thematic Solutions adds opportunistic exposure to a select number of solution-oriented companies of any size in which Domini has strong long-term conviction. Through Thematic Solutions, we seek to support the following sustainability themes: 

  • Accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future
  • Contribute to the development of sustainable communities
  • Help ensure access to clean water
  • Support sustainable food systems
  • Promote societal health and well-being
  • Broaden financial inclusion
  • Bridge the digital divide and expand economic opportunity

Under normal market conditions, Domini expects to allocate approximately 80-95% of the Fund’s net assets to Core and the remaining 5-20% to Thematic Solutions.

Domini’s Founder and Chair, Amy Domini, and CEO, Carole Laible, serve as the Fund’s co-portfolio managers. They are supported by a dedicated team of impact-investment research and financial analysts. SSGA Funds Management serves as the Fund’s subadviser, responsible for implementing Domini’s investment instructions for both of the Fund’s strategies and managing its cash needs.

The Fund may change any of the policies described above at any time.


Investor Shares Performance

FundYTD1 YR3 YR*5 YR*10 YR*
S&P 500 Index18.7315.9410.5211.1212.81
Month-End Returns (%) as of 8/31/2023
FundYTD1 YR3 YR*5 YR*10 YR*
S&P 500 Index16.8919.5914.612.3112.86
Quarter-End Returns (%) as of 6/30/23
Calendar Year Returns (%)
Q2 20237.868.74
Q1 202310.387.50
Q4 20224.687.56
Q3 2022-5.18-4.88
Q2 2022-18.80-16.10
Quarterly Returns (%)

* Average annual total returns.
Returns for periods less than one year are not annualized.

NOTE: The Fund’s current investment strategy commenced on December 1, 2018 with SSGA Funds Management, Inc as its Subadviser. Performance information for periods prior to December 1, 2018 reflects the investment strategies employed during those periods.

1. The Adviser has contractually agreed to waive certain fees and/or reimburse certain ordinary operating expenses in order to limit Investor share expenses to 1.09% through November 30, 2023, absent an earlier modification by the Fund’s Board.

Gross/Net Annual Expense Ratio1.05%/1.05% Per current prospectus.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The Fund’s returns quoted above represent past performance after all expenses. The returns reflect any applicable expense waivers in effect during the periods shown. Without such waivers, Fund performance would be lower. Investment return, principal value, and yield will fluctuate. Your shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. See Investor Shares Performance above for more performance information, including returns current to the most recent month-end, which may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. See the prospectus for further information.

An investment in the Domini Impact Equity Fund is not a bank deposit and is not insured. The Fund is subject to certain risks, including the loss of principal, impact investing, portfolio management, information, market, mid- to large-cap companies, and small-cap companies risks. See the prospectus for more information on risk.

The Adviser’s evaluation of environmental and social factors in its investment selections and the timing of the Subadviser’s implementation of the Adviser’s investment selections will affect the Fund’s exposure to certain issuers, industries, sectors, regions, and countries and may impact the relative financial performance of the Fund depending on whether such investments are in or out of favor. The value of your investment may decrease if the Adviser’s or Subadviser’s judgement about Fund investments does not produce the desired results. There is a risk that information used by the Adviser to evaluate environmental and social factors, may not be readily available or complete, which could negatively impact the Adviser’s ability to evaluate such factors and Fund performance.

The performance above does not reflect the deduction of fees and taxes that a shareholder would pay on Fund distributions or the redemption of Fund shares. Total return is based on the Fund’s net asset values and assumes all dividends and capital gains were reinvested.

Although the Domini Impact Equity Fund Investor shares are no-load, certain fees and expenses apply to a continued investment and are described in the prospectus.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500) is a market-capitalization weighted index representing the performance of large-capitalization companies in the United States. Investors cannot invest directly in the S&P 500.


Security NameWeight (%)
Apple Inc8.5
Microsoft Corp7.6
Alphabet Inc Class A5.4
Amazon.Com Inc4.5
NVIDIA Corp4.2
Tesla Inc2.6
Visa Inc Class A Shares1.4
Broadcom Inc1.3
The Procter + Gamble Co1.3
Mastercard Inc A1.2
Top Ten Holdings as of 8/31/23
SectorWeight (%)
Information Technology34.9
Health Care14
Consumer Discretionary11.3
Communication Services8.5
Consumer Staples6.6
Real Estate2.7
GICS Sector Weightings as of 6/30/2023

*Fund Portfolio weights exclude cash and cash equivalents. Numbers may not add up to totals due to rounding.

The composition of the Fund’s portfolio is subject to change. The Domini Funds maintain portfolio holdings disclosure policies that govern the timing and circumstances of disclosure to shareholders and third parties of information regarding the portfolio investments held by the Funds.

The Global Industry Classification Standard (“GICS”) was developed by and is the exclusive property and a service mark of MSCI Inc. (“MSCI”) and Standard & Poor’s, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (“S&P”) and is licensed for use by Domini Impact Investments. Neither MSCI, S&P nor any third party involved in making or compiling the GICS or any GICS classifications makes any express or implied warranties or representations with respect to such standard or classification nor shall any such party have any liability therefrom.

Portfolio Characteristics

Portfolio Statistics*

PerformanceFundS&P 500 Index
Number of Holdings331503
Annual Turnover (as of July 31, 2022)**6%
Weighted-Average Market Cap ($M)751,716680,860
Median Market Cap ($M)34,90431,020
Price/Book Ratio5.1x4.3x
Price/Earnings Ratio (Trailing 12 Months)26.5x22.0x
Return on Equity (Trailing 12 Months)16.3%16.3%
Tracking Error (1-Year Projected)2.7%
Beta (1-Year Projected)1.07
Fund as of 6/30/23

* Source: Bloomberg Portfolio Risk & Analytics, except statistics noted by **.
All characteristics are as of June 30, 2023, unless otherwise noted.

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Fund Distributions

Distributed quarterly

Capital Gains
Distributed annually

Investor Profile

Who should invest?

  • Investors seeking long-term growth of capital

Who should not invest?

  • Investors unwilling or unable to accept moderate to significant fluctuations in share price

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Annual Turnover is the lesser of purchases or sales for the trailing 12 months divided by the portfolio’s average trailing 13-month net asset values.

Price/Book Ratio is the weighted harmonic average of the price/book ratios of the stocks in the portfolio, which are the stocks’ most recent closing prices divided by their book value per share.

Price/Earnings Ratio is the weighted harmonic average of the price/earnings ratios of the stocks in the portfolio, which are the stocks’ most recent closing prices divided by their earnings per share over the trailing 12 months.

Return on Equity is the portfolio’s total net income less cash preferred dividends divided by the portfolio’s total common equity.

Tracking Error is the standard deviation of residual returns, which are the differences between fund’s projected returns and the index’s projected returns. Tracking error measures the degree of dispersion of fund returns around the index. Generally, the higher the tracking risk, the greater the active bets the manager has taken.

Beta is a measure of the volatility of a fund relative to its benchmark index. A beta greater (less) than 1 is more (less) volatile than the index.