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Your values at play.
Our approach at work.

Our approach shows we care as much about people and planet as you do.

If you care about helping to create a more sustainable future for people and the planet, our impact investment approach may be part of the foundation you need for the positive change you want. Our approach is made up of three pillars:

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Investment Standards:

As investors, we participate in capital markets applying environmental and social standards in our investment decisions.

Across all of our funds, our priority is to seek triple bottom-line results: positive for people, planet, and profit.

Our Impact Investment Standards help us achieve this by focusing on two main goals:

  • Universal human dignity
  • Ecological sustainability


As owners, we speak with issuers, civil society organizations, and policymakers to create financial, environmental, and societal value. We do this through a combination of activities, including:

  • Direct dialogue with companies
  • Shareholder proposals
  • Proxy voting
  • Speaking out on public policy issues

Investing in Communities: 

As neighbors, we seek to help build strong, sustainable communities by directing capital to where it is needed most. Through our investments, we focus on three key goals to build a more sustainable and equitable society:

  • Increasing access to capital
  • Creating public goods
  • Filling capital gaps