Giving voice to your values.

Collaboration informs our engagement efforts. So if you’re seeking more from your investments, we make sure your voice—and your values—are heard.

Mary Beth Gallagher, our Director of Engagement, explains how Domini engages with companies on key issues.

Our engagement tools include:

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These tools allow us to help create impact as far-reaching as our recent engagement themes:

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Universal human dignity (People)

  • Diversity
  • Human Rights
  • Access to Medicine and Public Health
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Workforce Issues
  • For-Profit Prisons
  • Digital Rights
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Ecological sustainability (Planet)

Engagement Commitment 

Domini’s engagement tools include Shareholder Proposals, Proxy Voting, and Public Statements, including, discussions about, or the issuance or endorsement of, statements or letters on a variety of environmental, social, or governance issues. These tools help us create far-reaching impact in support of our engagement themes: universal human dignity (people) and ecological sustainability (planet). 

We believe that dialogue and collaboration can inform our engagement efforts. While Domini periodically works with other investors or organizations with common interests in support of our engagement themes, Domini independently determines which issuers to engage with, the scope of our participation in engagements with others, and whether to support shareholder proposals filed by another investor, in accordance with Domini’s Proxy Voting Guidelines.