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Sales Tools & Resources

Below are a variety of sales tools to help you learn more about the Domini Funds and our approach to responsible investing. We look forward to working with you to help meet your clients’ needs.

If there is something you need that you cannot find here, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 1.800.498.1351 to speak to an Institutional Client Relationships representative.


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Quarterly Impact Updates

We publish comprehensive annual reports and quarterly updates to keep shareholders informed on how their investments are making a difference.

Impact Investment Standards Cover

Investment Standards

A detailed guide to Domini’s social and environmental standards.

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Domini Forest Project Report Series

For Investment Professional Use Only – Not for Further Distribution

Our project focusing on forests is designed to help address the dynamics causing deforestation and to assure the health of our portfolios and the health of these systems we rely on. The following reports introduce our approach.

  1. Forest Systems Solutions at Domini
  2. Domini’s Forest Focus Beliefs and Principles
  3. Introduction to Forest Value
  4. Why We Can Act: Consensus and Effectiveness
  5. Why We Must Act: Relevance and Uncertainty
  6. Envisioning the Forest System: Tactics and Targets

Forests Definitions and Goals

In 2018 Domini launched a “system-level” approach to investing centered on forests. We selected forests because they appeared to us to constitute 1) a relatively discreet and definable system and 2) although it was systematically important, investors were paying less attention to it than this global asset warranted with its critical relationship to climate change.

Starting in 2021, we felt that we were prepared to derive appropriate definitions, and set goals. This document is the result of that effort.

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