Aligning Investments with Values: Nature Action 100

Nature Action 100 is the first global investor engagement initiative to address the urgent crisis of nature and biodiversity, mobilizing over 190 institutional investors, including Domini, managing $23 trillion to engage with companies in their portfolios. Unveiled at the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) in December 2022 and officially launched this September, the initiative responds to the pressing issue of over half of the world’s GDP relying significantly on nature, totaling $44 trillion.

Nature Action 100 focuses on bridging the gap between corporations’ objectives and the urgency of addressing nature loss. It emphasizes collaborative engagement between institutional investors and companies with the objective of encouraging companies to recognize nature’s vital role in their operations and promoting shared responsibility. The initiative’s foundation aligns corporate strategies with scientific insights crucial to industries reliant on nature. When engaging with companies, Nature Action 100 will map sector-specific pathways and track companies’ progress to help prevent catastrophic climate change and nature loss by 2030. Its aim is to put people and planet first, advocating for more sustainable business practices that benefit customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Nature Action 100 stands as a global response uniting institutional investors to help safeguard nature and biodiversity, emphasizing responsible investment for a sustainable future.

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