Past event in NY – Climate Change & Impact Investing

Are you interested in knowing more about how increasingly extreme weather events may affect NYC in the coming decade? What if there was a way to invest where you would be able to know that your dollars can help to drive climate action?

Join Domini Impact Investments, a long-time leader in sustainability, to learn more about investing with your values and about how your dollars can work to help address climate issues. Domini will share examples of how we see climate change affecting different industries and sectors, the role of companies in helping tackle climate change, what their efforts look like, and how we work with them to help advance their climate-driven initiatives.

2023 was the hottest year of all time and 2024 is expected to be even hotter. As we hear the latest news about Northeast costal land sinking and the oceans’ currents’ unprecedented warming, you’ll also learn more from a leading climate expert of extreme weather, Kevin Reed, about why these events are occurring and what we can do to try to mitigate them.

About Domini

Domini Impact Investments LLC (“Domini”) is a women-led SEC registered investment adviser that harnesses the power of finance to help create a better world. With an exclusive focus on impact investing, we aim to help drive positive outcomes for our planet and its people while seeking competitive financial returns. Our continuous innovation and caring, diverse community fuel tomorrow’s prosperity as we endeavor to make “investing for good” the way all investing is done.

About Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area

Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area is a social innovation center in Midtown Manhattan. The center supports entrepreneurs and other innovators who are passionate about improving lives and protecting the planet in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Impact Hub provides a collaborative workspace, hosts events and workshops, and runs programs to help impactful ideas take off. 


Dr. Kevin Reed
Professor at Stony Brook University and Associate Provost for Climate and Sustainability Programming

Dr. Kevin Reed’s research focuses on extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, that may change in the coming decades.  This includes understanding the capability of current and next-generation climate models to simulate extreme weather events.  Dr. Reed’s research aids in advancing our scientific understanding of the impacts of climate change, as well as developing new methodologies to better translate state-of-the-art science for climate adaptation applications and policies.

Dr. Reed works with graduate students that are interested in researching how extreme weather, like hurricanes, may be altered in a changing climate. This includes work that makes use of current and next-generation climate models to simulate extreme weather events, as well as work that develops simplified, reduced complexity modeling frameworks to study extremes in a global context.

Carole Laible

Carole Laible
CEO, Domini

Carole Laible is the Chief Executive Officer of Domini Impact Investments. She has over 25 years of impact investing experience, having joined Domini in 1997. Ms. Laible is responsible for the overall research and mutual funds operations of the firm. She also leads institutional client service and marketing initiatives, and collaborates with Amy Domini, Chair, in the development of overall business strategy and business plan implementation. She serves as co-Portfolio Manager of the Domini Impact Equity Fund, and for the more recently launched Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund and Domini International Opportunities Fund. She oversees the current investment strategy and subadviser due diligence for the Domini Impact International Equity Fund and Domini Impact Bond Fund.

Ms. Laible serves as a founding member of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Investor Advisory Group (IIAG), formerly the SASB Standards Investor Advisory Group, which is now part of the IFRS Foundation, engaging with companies on the use of SASB metrics. She holds a B.S. in accountancy from St. John’s University.

Mary Beth Gallagher

Mary Beth Gallagher
Director of Engagement, Domini

Mary Beth Gallagher is responsible for leading Domini’s engagement efforts with portfolio companies, broader stakeholder groups and policy makers, as well as developing initiatives and campaigns in areas such as human rights, climate change mitigation, deforestation, biodiversity, health, and racial justice. In Domini’s work to advance ecological sustainability, Ms. Gallagher encourages companies to adopt policies and practices that advance the low-carbon transition, also in alignment with the needs of workers and community stakeholders.

Ms. Gallagher represents Domini on the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation Advisory Board and the Launching Investor Group for Nature Action 100. She holds a B.S. in environmental science from Boston College and a J.D. from the Washington College of Law at American University. She is a Member of the New York Bar, admitted in 2009.