Domini’s Commitment to Antiracism

June 4, 2020

Words fail to capture the deep pain and injustice we feel following the death of George Floyd. Our hearts are with all who have been affected, not only by this most recent incident but by the long legacy of racism in our country.

Systemic racism is not new. It pervades our history and our daily life, from the delivery of health care, housing, and education, to public policy and representation, to the deployment of certain technologies, access to environmental health, employment and criminal justice. Again and again, we say this time there will be change, but then there is a retreat.

We are humble in the face of this challenge. Silence is not an option. Domini was founded on the core value of universal human dignity and we recognize how far we have to go. We stand with the Black community and commit to doing our part, working with communities, peers and the companies we invest in to fight systemic racism in all its forms.

Black lives matter. May this be the time there is no retreat.

In solidarity,

The Domini Team