New Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund launched

New York, NY, Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 – Domini Impact Investments LLC, a U.S. pioneer in the impact investing field, is pleased to announce the recent launch of the Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund , a new mutual fund dedicated to investing in innovative, solution-oriented companies contributing solutions to global sustainability challenges. The Fund is available to individual and institutional investors (tickers: CAREX/LIFEX).

The Domini Sustainable Solutions Fund is designed to help impact investors make a difference and meet their own personal financial goals through a global equity portfolio of companies that Domini believes can play an important role in addressing some of the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges. The Fund invests worldwide in public companies of any size, seeking investments that support one or more of its seven sustainability themes:

·       Accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future

·       Contribute to the development of sustainable communities

·       Help ensure access to clean water

·       Support sustainable food systems

·       Promote access to health and well-being

·       Broaden financial inclusion

·       Bridge the digital divide

By investing in companies providing solution-oriented products and services aligned with these themes—from renewable energy systems and electric vehicles to breakthrough medical technologies, healthy and organic food, and lending for underserved communities—the Fund is designed to help create a more sustainable future and provide investors an opportunity to better align their portfolios with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By seeking investments that support the transition to a more sustainable economy, Domini also believes it can identify strong long-term investments.

Domini CEO Carole Laible comments, “This Fund was designed to address very specific themes that impact investors seek to address and corresponds to the demands of those investors as they pursue competitive returns, but also look to align their investments with their deepest concerns for people and the planet .”

About Domini Impact Investments LLC :  Domini Impact Investments LLC is an SEC-registered investment adviser specializing exclusively in impact investing. Domini serves individual and institutional investors who wish to create positive social and environmental outcomes while seeking competitive financial returns. Domini applies social, environmental and governance standards to all its investments, believing they help identify opportunities to provide strong financial rewards to its fund shareholders while also helping to create a more just and sustainable economic system.


Claire Dorey
Domini Impact Investments LLC