A fair and equitable global response to COVID-19

February 24, 2021

Domini has joined over 100 institutional investors with over US $13 trillion assets under management, in signing a joint statement calling for an equitable global response to the pandemic, including backing the ACT Accelerator partnership, which is designed to develop and produce accessible COVID-19 tools.

According to the Access to Medicine Foundation, the 128 million COVID-19 vaccinations administered globally so far have gone to 10 countries, accounting for 60% of the global GDP. Additionally, there are 130 countries with a total of 2.5 billion people who have not administered a single dose of the vaccine. This gap in access to the vaccine for low-and middle-income countries could lead to twice as many lives lost and an estimated US $9.2 trillion in global economic losses.

Led by the Access to Medicine Foundation, this is the strongest support for the ACT Accelerator from the global financial community to date. Click here to see the list of three actions the signatories have identified to mitigate the risks of new virus strains and gaps in funding that prevent people from receiving COVID-19 resources.

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