Highlight from Our ESG Research: Green Buildings

At Domini, we conduct proprietary in-house research to evaluate the social and environmental performance of our investments. Our in-depth, independent ESG research and high standards help create prosperity not only for portfolios, but for people and planet too. During our research process, we discover many innovative initiatives worth sharing.

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Held in the Domini International Opportunities Fund portfolio.

As cities continue to grow for the people and companies who find a home there, real estate developers are working to build sustainable environments for all to thrive in. Castellum AB is a leader in the space as they construct, develop, and market commercial properties through new construction and acquisitions in the Nordic region.

Sustainable practices are rooted in its overall business model, and as of 2020 Castellum owned the greatest number of environmentally certified buildings out of all Swedish-listed property companies. With 552 properties across Sweden, Copenhagen, and Helsinki, 39% of its portfolio’s square footage was Miljöbyggnad, EU GreenBuilding, LEED, or BREEAM certified. These certifications measure the effectiveness of Castellum’s energy efficiency projects, which have helped reduce its properties’ carbon intensity and water consumption.

Additionally, Castellum leads by example from the inside. As of December 2021, 62% of the management team was comprised of women, including the CEO. On Castellum’s Board, 43% are also women, which includes one woman from a historically underrepresented group.

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