Highlight from Our ESG Research: Sustainable Product Design

At Domini, we conduct proprietary in-house research to evaluate the social and environmental performance of our investments. Our in-depth, independent ESG research and high standards help create prosperity not only for portfolios, but for people and planet too. During our research process, we discover many innovative initiatives worth sharing.

Young female hiker with a backpack collecting plastic waste in green forest


Held in the Domini Impact International Equity Fund portfolio.

With society at the precipice of the climate crisis, companies are finding innovative ways to engage in a circular economy to reduce their environmental footprint. Swatch, a Swiss watchmaker that sells products globally, is taking on this task through sustainable product design. In 2020, Swatch expanded the u1pabilities of their innovative technologies by updating a long-standing watch design that is powered through solar energy. This product recharges through sunlight outdoors in seven minutes, and sunlight through a window in 16 minutes. It also has an “ECO mode,” which further supports energy conservation efforts.

Moreover, Swatch also incorporated other sustainable materials into their product design in 2021 through the launch of bio ceramic material, which is a combination of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic that is derived from castor-plant oil. In the same year, Swatch reported around 70% of steel and 80% of gold used in their products are previously recycled material.