Highlight from Our ESG Research: Sustainable Real Estate

At Domini, we conduct proprietary in-house research to evaluate the social and environmental performance of our investments. Our in-depth, independent ESG research and high standards help create prosperity not only for portfolios, but for people and planet too. During our research process, we discover many innovative initiatives worth sharing.


Held in the Domini International Opportunities Fund portfolio.

Forward-thinking real estate development and management play a crucial role in making cities more livable and sustainable. Gecina SA is a French real estate group whose properties represent the largest private residential portfolio in Paris.1 The company is also the leading owner of office space in Europe.2

Gecina manages a large real estate portfolio but has been effective in improving sustainability on a building-by-building level. As of this year, 82% of its office portfolio’s square footage was either HQE or BREEAM sustainability certified, which marks a 41% increase from 2018. All new developments are on track to receive certification. Additionally, 99% of its assets are located within 400 meters of public transportation.3

Gecina has fostered a company culture that prioritizes sustainability. Its employees recently initiated a successful effort to increase tenfold the company’s internal carbon tax, with the resulting funds allocated to low-carbon projects.3 Management diversity is another focus for Gecina. Currently, 45% of its management team are women, including its CEO, Méka Brunel.4 46% of its board members are also women.5



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