COVID-19 and Public Health Concerns

March 5, 2020

Over the past several weeks, countries around the globe have been responding to a public health emergency of international concern, following the emergence of a new respiratory disease, COVID-19, caused by a novel coronavirus. Due to its communicative scope, and its potential to cause severe illness, the coronavirus represents a significant challenge to health policy makers, health providers, and to the global community.

As part of our investment strategy, Domini seeks to invest in companies in the health care sector that are at the vanguard of preventative health, including diagnostics companies, vaccine makers, and companies with a special focus on communicative diseases, including those that excel at addressing the needs of underserved populations. These companies have the potential to make a positive impact on public health by supporting global preventative health programs, and by aiding in the response to health crises.

While the duration and severity of this coronavirus crisis remains uncertain, it is our hope that our investment strategy can have a positive impact during the recovery, and contribute to the future resilience of health care systems globally. Indeed, many of our companies are at the center of the health care response to this crisis – improving their kits to diagnose COVID-19, and conducting clinical trials to test new vaccines to protect against the coronavirus. This is in concert with our core mission to provide shareholders with competitive returns while advancing the goals of universal human dignity and ecological sustainability.