Our Q1 Impact Update Is Now Available

May 2, 2023

A doctor talking to a patient

Our first Impact Update of 2023 is out. We took some time to reflect on the First Quarter, and it’s clear that health was a key focus.

Universal human dignity is one of our two core goals—and it guides us to focus on the essential care that ensures day-to-day wellbeing. Employers need to protect the health and safety of their workers. Hospitals need to provide reliable, equitable care, especially in underserved communities. And pharmaceutical companies must make their products accessible and affordable to those most in need.

Right now global health experts, activists, non-profits, and investors like us are working together to help drive equitable progress in environmental health and health access. Advancements in medicine, diagnostics, and vaccines must go hand in hand with effective action to make them accessible to every individual.

We’re a part of this effort, and we’re excited to share how our investments and engagements are helping create change.