Our Q2 Impact Update Is Out

You can now read our Impact Update for Second Quarter 2022. In this update, we spotlight equality and offer insight into how our investments and engagements can help promote inclusivity.

Group of people holding hands

Making equity
a priority.

When historically marginalized groups face unfair treatment or effects, investors and companies can use their leverage points for those people that may lack basic needs, be hurt, or left behind. On the heels of rising and unusually high inflation, we’re thinking about the particular needs of low-wage workers whose paychecks may not be enough to cover essential costs of living, such as food and gas.

As we remember the innocent lives lost to gun violence, we reflect on how investors’ dollars can help play a role in this cycle. And amidst an intensifying climate crisis, we highlight aspects of our work that aim to help the communities that are more vulnerable to climate change.