How an IRA can help you inspire a greater and greener world

The right IRA can help make an impact: on your future, on the planet, and on prosperity.

The secret to making an impact is small.

Even one retirement contribution can help create a greener tomorrow if invested in the right mutual fund. That’s because mutual funds pool money together from a group of investors; even individual investors can help make a difference when they contribute money to a mutual fund that chooses to invest in companies who have environmental and social standards. Invest in the right mutual fund, and you become more than an investor; you become part of a community of caring individuals who come together to help make an impact based on shared values. In other words, you become an impact investor.

Impact investors seek a greener future—for themselves, and for others.

If you’re an impact investor, you care not only about investment returns, but also about how those returns are made. Impact investing is where commerce meets compassion; investments that aim to reinforce a better world for both the planet and the people in it.

At women-led Domini Impact Investments, investing for good is what we do—and it’s all we do. For over 30 years, our investments have always been made with the intention to generate positive, measurable environmental and social impact alongside a financial return. For us, impact investing isn’t a trend; it’s a tradition.

Retire and inspire a greater and greener world.

At Domini, our investment approach seeks to inspire a greener tomorrow. We only invest in companies that uphold our strict environmental and social standards. When you invest in the Domini Funds, you can rest assured your money will not support businesses focused on firearms, oil, natural gas, nuclear, coal and uranium mining, for-profit prisons, tobacco, alcohol, or gambling, in accordance with our impact investment standards.

Domini uses three tools to help build a better tomorrow—applying standards to all of its investment portfolios, using our voice as owners to help create positive change in companies, and investing in communities to help fill gaps left by traditional finance.

Ask these questions to help ensure your investment makes an impact.

Some doubt that impact investing really helps make an impact. And they are right to be skeptical.

Because how much impact you make depends on how high the standards are for holding the companies in the impact investment fund accountable. You must ask: How do the fund managers evaluate the companies they choose to invest in? Do their investment standards reflect the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals?

Domini’s Impact Investment Standards have two fundamental goals: universal human dignity and ecological sustainability. We evaluate companies on the degree to which their businesses are aligned with our goals as well as the strength of their stakeholder relations. In addition, each of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are reflected in our Impact Investment Standards.

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