Your Voice Will Be Heard

Tree illustration.

Your voice can be heard. International leaders and policy makers are at the UN climate summit, currently underway in Bonn, Germany. It was at this summit in 2015, then in Paris, when nearly 200 countries submitted proposals for cutting their greenhouse gas emissions. With Syria joining the Paris agreement on climate change this month, we are optimistic about progress, but at the same time saddened by the lack of support by our country.

History has shown that when government action is lacking, private enterprises and citizens fill the gap.   We are pleased to report that a delegation of US businesses, cities and states led by California Governor Jerry Brown and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg carry our message globally –  America is still in .

Domini has signed the “ We Are Still In ” pledge alongside 1,219 state and local officials, businesses, investors and universities, signaling our continued commitment to the emissions reduction goals of the Paris Agreement and the preservation of our planet. Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges we face today.  Domini supports the global transition to a low carbon future. We consider the impact of climate change and its risks across all our mutual funds through implementation of our Impact Investment Standards and engagement with corporations and public policy makers.