Invest with purpose.

And without fossil fuels.

How you invest matters—now more than ever.

At Domini, our twin goals of universal human dignity and ecological sustainability guide all our investments. Our research is independent and conducted in-house. And we use our voice as investors to deepen our environmental and social impact, through thoughtful dialogue with our portfolio companies and other relevant stakeholders.

Join our caring investor community and you’ll also be a part of:

Fossil fuel-free funds powered by purpose

We do not invest in companies in the energy sector involved in oil and natural gas exploration and production in accordance with our investment standards.

Engagements that seek to protect our planet

From public statements on climate policy to investments in forest-positive companies, we’re helping to create a more sustainable future, one initiative at a time.

Investment Standards championing an equitable transition

Our Impact Investment Standards go beyond emissions targets. Transitioning to a lower-carbon economy needs to be an equitable, holistic process that doesn’t leave anyone behind—and our Standards support strong labor protections and fair wages.

Learn more about how Domini can help you can align your money with your respect for the environment.