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Forests and Sustainability

Domini’s Articles related to sustainable forest management practices, balancing economic benefits with environmental and social concerns.

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    Once Our Forests Reach a Tipping Point, the Loss May Be Irreversible

    At Domini, as we confronted the complexities of climate change, we realized just how important the stability of these environmental and societal systems are to us. When these systems are unstable, our investments can be exposed to non-diversifiable risks. As investors, we are well-served to pay attention to these systems’ potential risks and rewards.

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    Financial Institutions Call for Support of Finance Ministers for an Ambitious Global Biodiversity Framework

    The CEOs of leading financial institutions Aviva, Domini Impact Investments LLC and Storebrand Asset Management, have sent a letter on behalf of the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation to the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action to address the importance of and take urgent action towards aligning financial flows with the goals and targets of…

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    Food and Agriculture: Finding Sustainable Solutions, Old and New

    Regenerative agriculture involves practices that equitably use land to address climate change, biodiversity, soil health, and the well-being of workers and local economies.

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    Rethinking the Premise: A Circular Economy

    The reshaping of an industry often starts with a question: What if? What if we invested our money in a way that reflected our values? Over thirty years ago, Amy Domini asked this question and began to rethink the premise of how we invest. She identified companies that cared about environmental sustainability and human dignity.…

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  • Highlight from Our ESG Research: Sustainable Palm Oil

    At Domini, we conduct proprietary in-house research to evaluate the social and environmental performance of our investments. Our in-depth, independent ESG research and high standards help create prosperity not only for portfolios, but for people and planet too. During our research process, we discover many innovative initiatives worth sharing. Kao Group Held in the Domini…

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  • The Importance Of Value Creator Companies

    This essay presents Domini’s holistic approach to sustainability challenges and how we evaluate our portfolio through the lens of global forest impact. An Early Read Out of Domini’s Forest Project July 30, 2020 The 2020s opened with convergent and connected crises unfolding on a global scale: the climate emergency, the coronavirus pandemic, and incidents of…

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    Everything but the Kitchen Sink – Forest Risk Commodities in Your Home

    If you were to take stock of the items in your home, particularly the kitchen and bathroom, it wouldn’t be hard to identify numerous items that commonly include one of the four major commodities driving deforestation: palm oil, cattle, soy, and wood pulp and paper products . Palm oil is used in items like lipstick,…

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