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  • Asking Questions, Changing Companies
    Amy Domini discusses how investor demand for ethical practices has shifted the idea of corporate social responsibility from solely focusing on profit to considering environmental and social factors.
  • Upcoming event in NY – Climate Change & Impact Investing
    Join Domini as we host an event discussing the role of companies in helping tackle climate change, what their efforts look like, and how we work with them to help advance their climate-driven initiatives.
  • Climate Transition Highlights: A New Approach to Mining
    With the global shift towards renewable energy, some of the most advanced companies are adapting their business models to shift towards clean energy to enhance their systems and make them environmentally friendly. Domini sees a future where businesses help reduce energy use and environmental impact, moving towards sustainability and lower carbon emissions.
  • Navigating the Chemical Sector’s Challenges, Solutions, and Collaborative Pathways to Sustainability
    As more and more industries work to expand and improve their sustainable practices, the chemical sector finds itself at a crossroads between needing to shift away from its deep-rooted dependence on raw materials derived from petroleum (petrochemical feedstock), although faced with supply limitations and technical restraints to stop their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).
  • Regenerative Agriculture: A Critical Step in Addressing Climate Change
    It is estimated that food systems account for approximately one third of total greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional or industrial agriculture practices are often carbon intensive and emphasize maximizing yield, using chemical fertilizers, depleting soil health, and disturbing ecosystems.
  • Our Q4 Impact Update is Now Available
    In this update we highlight how our engagement initiatives tackled multifaceted challenges, from climate action to nuclear disarmament.
  • Pushing the boundaries
    Earth has been resilient but there is a limit and we are reaching tipping points. In 2009, a team of internationally renowned scientists introduced ‘planetary boundaries’.
  • Food Systems and Forests in Today’s Ecosystem
    Despite the rapid changes and burgeoning innovations happening in real time around us, one cornerstone of our society has failed to keep pace: our food systems.
  • How an IRA can help you inspire a greater and greener world
    Even one retirement contribution can help create a greener tomorrow if invested in the right mutual fund. That’s because mutual funds pool money together from a group of investors; even individual investors can help make a difference when they contribute money to a mutual fund that chooses to invest in companies who have environmental and social standards.
  • Highlight from our ESG Research: Fashion with a More Inclusive and Sustainable Approach
    Fast fashion is recognized today as the third-largest global polluter and poses a substantial threat to our environment, with textile production alone contributing significantly to climate change.
  • Our Q3 Impact Update is Now Available
    In our Q3 Impact Update we highlight our investments and engagements are working to make progress on forests, climate change strategies, racial diversity, and more.
  • Domini’s Impact Investing Leadership & Morningstar Recognition
    Carole Laible, Domini CEO, discusses Domini’s designation as an ESG ‘Leader’ by Morningstar. To learn more about Domini’s designation