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Climate Transition Highlight: Managing the Business Model Transition

Nearly every company today is or will be affected by climate change. As a result, companies are reassessing their priorities. For example, companies are prioritizing strategies to better reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), transition to more sustainable operations and supply chains, and create innovative solutions to help reduce their negative impact on the environment.

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Regenerative Agriculture: A Critical Step in Addressing Climate Change

It is estimated that food systems account for approximately one third of total greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional or industrial agriculture practices are often carbon intensive and emphasize maximizing yield, using chemical fertilizers, depleting soil health, and disturbing ecosystems.

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Pushing the boundaries

Earth has been resilient but there is a limit and we are reaching tipping points. In 2009, a team of internationally renowned scientists introduced ‘planetary boundaries’.

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Our Q3 Impact Update is Now Available

In our Q3 Impact Update we highlight our investments and engagements are working to make progress on forests, climate change strategies, racial diversity, and more.